Hi, my name is John Parkinson.

I am a postdoctoral scholar in the Weis lab at Oregon State University. Working closely with Virginia Weis, I use molecular techniques to study coral symbiosis and climate change.  I earned my PhD at Penn State University (2014), where I was advised by Iliana Baums and Todd LaJeunesse. I also completed a postdoc in Japan with James Reimer.

I am interested in the physiological and ecological importance of genetic diversity in coral-algal symbiosis, particularly as relates to the ability of both partners to respond to rising sea surface temperatures. Basic knowledge in this area may help aid coral conservation programs globally. Toward that end, I work with the Nature Conservancy’s Florida Coral Reef Climate Change Adaptation Project, the Coral Restoration FoundationNOAA, and the SECORE program. I am also interested in Symbiodinium taxonomy, bioinformatics, and cell signaling.

I have several ongoing projects—feel free to look around.

Contact Information

Email | parkinjo [at] oregonstate [dot] edu

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Twitter Handle | @parkinsonje