Sometimes projects I work on are featured through various media outlets.  In addition to this coverage, I’ve included links to videos about the coral nurseries as well as to a few websites with useful information about coral restoration and research.



UCLA faculty voice: Ten environmental reasons to be thankful.

Response to environmental change depends on individual variation in partnership between corals and algae.
Press Release | Picked up by, ScienceDaily, and EurekAlert


Species differences found among algae that help corals fight climate change.
Press Release | Picked up by PRWeb

How do you determine the age of coral, the ‘trees of the ocean’?
Radio Interview


DNA analysis aids in classifying single-celled algae.
Press Release | Picked up by and ScienceDaily


Penn State is home to 14 new NSF graduate researchers.

Rosenstiel Students Come Out On Top.

Coral Nursery Videos

Here are some videos from the national media showcasing the nurseries where I do a large portion of my research: